Welcome to Take My Poop!

I know, I know, funny name and what the heck is it about? Let me explain:

I am a plant propagator and vegetable gardener, so I know the value of poop; manure to be a little more politically correct. I also raise chickens, egg layers as well as meat birds. Well, with chickens comes chicken shit, and I needed something to do with it so I placed the manure on the garden during the winter months and the compost pile the summer months.

And then the lightbulb went on! Why not have a single place where people can go to get rid of extra manure and where people can go to find some? And Take My Poop! was born!

If you have extra manure and are willing to share, list it here! Your listing will have a way for folks to contact you (don’t worry, your email address is not shown!) and check for availability and arrange for a pickup.

If you are looking for manure, choose your State, then do a search for its availability in your local area.

There are two types of listing available: Free and Paid

Free: If you are giving the manure away for free, this is your type of listing. Please use the “Put Me On The Shit List” link to contact me about listing your manure for free.

Paid: If you are charging a fee for the manure or composted manure, this is your listing type (Low fee of $10 per month for the listing). Paid listings include the option of adding a picture to the listing as well as a link to your website. Please use the “Put Me On The Shit List” link to contact me about listing your manure.

Please be aware that the transfer of small quantities (1 yard or less) are the intention of this website. Large quantities of manure sold or given away may be regulated by State rules and/or regulations. Please read our Terms Of Service for more information.

Also available is ad space. If you would like an ad promoting your gardening related business, ad space can be purchased for each State. Contact me for more information.

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