Dead Broke Horse Farm

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Description : Our manure is all organic. No harmful herbicides have been used in the maintenance of the hay fields. We pick it up from our hitching rail area and a few stalls, so there may be an occasional pebble or shavings in the manure, but that should be beneficial to your garden for drainage and maintaining moisture. You would load it from a compost pile, so the manure has been aged, but it will have some fresh manure on top. If you have a trailer that you’d like to drop off, we can fill it for you over a 1 or 2-week period, depending on the size of your trailer, but of course, that would be for fresh manure only, since we’ll be loading it as we collect it.
Phone: 919-596-8975
Address : 6921 Wildlife Trail
City: Raleigh
State : NC
Zip : 27613
Free or Paid : Free
Type of manure : Horse
Bedding type: None – Pasture Horses
Loading available?: No

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