Terms Of Service

By participating and using this website, you agree to abide by these Terms Of Service. If you do not agree with the TOS (Terms Of service), please do not use the website. Violation of the TOS will result in the user being banned.


  • Take my Poop! has no control over the integrity of the Recipients or Supplier and merely provides a service to to help bring the two together.
  • Take My Poop! does not provide any rules or regulations for the proper transfer or use of the manure.
  • Take My Poop! does not guarantee that Supplier selling manure or composted manure have the appropriate permits to do so. If purchasing manure or composted manure, the Recipient should verify the Supplier has the appropriate permits.
  • In the event the Recipient and Supplier are in dispute, Take My Poop! will not be held responsible. All disputes should be handled in the proper, adult manner that results in an agreeable resolution for both parties. Take My Poop! can not be held liable for any monetary refunds nor are responsible to guarantee any transactions will go smoothly.


  • As Take My Poop! has not inspected the manure, no guarantee of quality is assumed.
  • Certain State rules and regulations may apply to the sale/transfer of manure or the application of manure. It is the recipient’s obligation to ensure all rules and regulations are being followed accordingly.
  • It is the recipients responsibility to decide how much manure is needed and to contact the farm to obtain information on where and when the manure or can be picked up.
  • It is the recipient’s responsibility to make arrangements to have a pick-up or other vehicle available to haul the manure safely.
  • The recipients are encouraged to fully compost their manure. Some farms may only have fresh manure available and you are encouraged to compost the manure in your own compost pile prior to using it. There are risks to you and your garden if the manure is not composted properly.
  • Recipients are encouraged to rate the supplier using the rating system provided and leave a comment about the Supplier.
  • Recipients are strongly encouraged to check the rating of the Supplier before any transaction takes place.
  • Recipients are strongly encouraged to take appropriate safety measures and not pick up the manure alone and to provide a friend or family member details of the transaction.


  • It is the suppliers responsibility to list their compost correctly. Suppliers who list their manure under the free listing and are found to sell it will have their listing removed immediately and banned from listing.
  • It is the suppliers responsibility to have their listing removed in the event they decide to stop participating in the program. Supplier must contact the website owner to ask for the listing to be removed.
  • Suppliers are strongly encouraged to take appropriate safety measures and have someone available during the pickup of the manure. Providing a co-worker, friend or family member details of the transaction is also encouraged.

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